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Listed below are links to various other web sites either for the sales of airsoft weapons, other airsoft teams, or Army surplus sites. As for the sites which sell airsoft or surplus items, we have had dealings with each and have found them to be reputable and provided good products and services. We hope you enjoy them as well. This listing is by no means "all inclusive" but merely a sampling -

What would our site be without a link to the "real deal" UK Special Forces -

Other Airsoft Team sites

Squad Hindenburg - A friendly message to the Hypersensitive or Reactionary: Squad Hindenburg is a MilSim oriented Airsoft team comprised of members from South-Eastern Wisconsin. The squad is affiliated with a larger airsoft organization known as "The Company". These organizations as well as any linked to this site family are in not to be misinterpreted as actual military or para-military organizations. Any "weapons" appearing in site images are airsoft type training devices and cannot be modified in any way to fire actual lethal ammunition. This site contains references to military operations which never really happened. Airsoft is a competitive extreme sport which utilizes real-world military tactics and simulated weapon-systems to complete missions in organized private wargames. Team Dossiers contain character or warrior persona information which, with a few exceptions, is fabricated and is a part of the role-playing aspect of the sport. - CPT Jack Schnauzer, Judge Advocate General's Officer (JAG-OFF) -

Wolf Recon - Welcome to the home base of the Wolf Recon Airsoft Team. We are a dedicated and active team located in the Madison, WI and Baraboo, WI area and we've been around since 2003. You are welcome to browse our site and we look forward to seeing you at the different airsoft events we attend in the Midwest. -

Delta MILSIM Group - Delta MILSIM Group (D.M.G.) is an airsoft team based out of Wisconsin. Our primary focus is on Military Simulation (MILSIM) type of play. Our members come from all walks of life but our membership tends to mostly be made up of current and prior Military and Law Enforcement professionals. We frequently attend events throughout WI as well as national events such as OLCMSS Operation Irene. DMG is the evolution of Wisconsin's oldest airsoft team. While our membership used to go under a different name, our dedication remains on task with a focus on promoting safe, honest and military oriented airsoft. While DMG does not actively “recruit”, we do welcome anyone who wishes to play with us and earn membership. Typically we offer membership on the team to those who we have learned to know and trust and who mesh well within our team. We are a family, we are friends and we are Delta MILSIM Group.

Tiger Recon - We are based out of SE and the Oshkosh area. We based our team after the LRRP squads of the vietnam era. Membership wise we are an older team than most, a lot of married guys with kids and families. We have a very tight knit team that operates very well together in the field. Our standard uniform is Tiger Stripe BDU's with a team patch and boonie hat. Besides that there are no other requierments. Our home base is the War Game Field west of Random Lake, WI. We don't get discounts on playing, but we do know the field better than most so we do pretty well on our home turf. Contact Mr. Crow, Dogboy or GaryB if you are interested in checking us out.

Group W RCT (status unknown) - A large SE Wisconsin team based on a US Army Regimental Combat Team (RCT).

Airsoft Sales sites

ehobbyasia - eHobby Asia is a Hong Kong based company, we aim to bring you the Latest and Top Quality airsoft products. In order to stay on top of today's Competitive and Service demanding business market, it is our Goal to provide DAILY LOW PRICES & TOP QUALITY SERVICES you. By lower our overhead cost, we pass all the saving to you. Our product line consists of Automatic Electric guns, Gas Blowback guns, Spring guns, Airsoft publications from Japan, Combat Gear and a diverse array of accessories.

How do we know what you need? The answer is simple. "We also love airsoft!". Not only that we sell airsoft, but we also enjoy playing the sport. Try us to find out! -

AirsoftGI - Airsoft GI knows that having top notch, experienced, employees is the key to providing top notch customer service. Which is why Airsoft GI makes themselves available via telephone, during business hours, and around the clock via e-mail to answer any questions or concerns their customers may have. In addition to playing experience, Airsoft GI also offers repair and upgrade services by some of the best airsoft technicians in the country. The Airsoft GI technicians are well versed in all types of AEG and pistol repairs and upgrades. In addition to just fixing guns the technicians at Airsoft GI also build some of the coolest and unique looking custom guns on the market. They are constantly experimenting with new parts and accessories in an attempt to build the kind of guns that no other tech would dare try to build. Customer service is the key to Airsoft GI's success, which is why Airsoft GI does everything possible to provide nothing short of the best. Airsoft GI guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, refer to our Customer Testimonials page. Airsoft GI is the only airsoft retailer that will test all AEG's and Gas Blow Back pistols before they leave the store. Airsoft GI also works very closely with the biggest manufacturers/distributors in the industry to provide the biggest savings possible and also to provide specialty parts that most other retailers won't have access to. -

Airsoft Extreme - Airsoft Extreme is internationally known as one of the oldest, largest, and longest-running airsoft companies in the United States. We are the acknowledged pioneers in making high-end Airsoft more available and affordable in the US and for offering a full range of high level upgrades, accessories and professional technical assistance. In addition, our professional staff includes experienced shooters, law enforcement veterans, and military veterans with combat experience. What also sets us apart from most other companies is that we are enthusiasts of the products that we sell, just like our customers. Airsoft Extreme is proud to announce that we have been voted by readers of Airsoft International magazine via a mail-in survey as the “US Retailer of the Year” and as the “US Customer Service Provider of the Year”. Thanks for all your support. Over the years, we have intimately provided support to regional Airsoft organizations and large scale Airsoft events in the US to help promote the organized expansion and responsible play of the sport in the United States . Our products have been used in major motion pictures, television shows, and popular computer and video games. Also, because of the combination of our familiarity with real firearms and expertise in airsoft products, we have provided sales, service, and consulting support to numerous law enforcement, military, and training agencies around the country. Our Mission is to offer the most professional and knowledgeable services at the most reasonable prices for premium quality Airsoft products in North America . We are totally committed to customer satisfaction. That is why we have chosen to sell only high quality Airsoft products that are proven to be reliable, durable, and fun to shoot. We will never dilute our focus from serving the serious Airsoft enthusiast that seeks only the highest quality products. We have been often emulated but never duplicated and we continue to be the standard bearer for the Airsoft business in the US. We ship worldwide direct to any country where Airsoft is legal. Airsoft Extreme will perform the necessary work for free to ensure that the shipment complies with all local customs regulations. While we are familiar with customs regulations of most countries, it is your responsibility to fully investigate your local regulations and we will not be held responsible for misinformation on compliance issues. Customers will be responsible for applicable taxes. Amount of taxes vary for Europe and Asia and Airsoft Extreme will provide the necessary documentation to minimize hassles and unnecessary surcharges. For domestic US orders, only CA residents must pay an 9.25% sales tax. No taxes are levied for domestic out-of-state shipments.

King David's Airsoft and Hobbies - local Illinois Airsoft retailer

Only Battery Packs - A Wisconsin based company which only sells battery packs, as you might imagine by it's name. We have purchased custom battery packs and found them to provide high quality craftsmanship and responsive service.

War Gamers Club - A Hong Kong based site which offers numerous airsoft products. We have ordered one gun and other items from this shop and found their prices to be extremely good. However, because they are in Hong Kong you have to pay international shipping, wait awhile for delivery and worry about possible seisure or trademark damage.

General Airsoft sites / Forums

Wisconsin Airsoft Association - The WI airsoft association site. This association offers membership benefits to all of Wisconsin airsoft players.

Minnesota Airsoft Association - Minnesota airsoft association players forum.

Airsoft Players - A general airsoft information site with lots of useful information and links.

Airsoft Forum - is an Airsoft & Military Simulation Discussion Board. Discover everything you want to know about Airsoft.

Local WI Airsoft fields

Apocalypse - Welcome to Wisconsin's Largest Paintball Field - Apocalypse Paintball -

The War Game Room Field - The WGRF is a privately owned and operated Airsoft / Paintball field near Addell and Batavia, WI. To find out more about dates, rules and happenings visit - .

Airsoft Jungle Wisconsin Airsoft Club - Airsoft Jungle club is a Wisconsin airsoft club based in Southeastern Wisconsin. We play games in our indoor CQB field and are always looking for new players to join in and have fun playing airsoft in Wisconsin.We have players from all over southeastern Wisconsin and of all ages and experience levels. The Indoor CQB field is located on the south side of Milwaukee and the address is 1240 w pierce, Milwaukee, WI 53204