About Airsoft

Airsoft has been defined as "modern military simulations at Civil War distances." Otherwise, some refer to it as "the greatest first person shooter game ever played." Both definitions are accurate, but it can be best defined as "paintball on steriods." The airsoft weapons are 1:1 replicas of actual weapons which fire 6mm BBs at varying rates of fire and distances. The sport is one of honor as the BBs do not mark a player as do paint balls. A player must call themselves out when hit in any portion of their body. Players are required to wear protective eye gear. In some cases even complete facial protection is worn. Also, players have controlled muzzel velocities and firing ranges according to weapon capabilities. If you enjoy playing team oriented sports and play squad-based electronic warfare games you may find this the right sport for you!


AEG - automatic electric gun.
Term used to identify a 1:1 replica of generally a sub-machine-gun (SMG) that propel the BB by an electric engine like that in RC cars, etc. Usually AEGs are represented by replicas of the H&K MP5 series, the Colt M16 or M4 series, the SG 550/551, the AK47 series, or FAMAS, or STEYER AUG series type sub machine guns. Preferred weapon of choice in skirmishes.

GBB - gas blow-back. Term used to identify a 1:1 replica of a handgun which may be either semi or fully automatic that propel the BB by a gas. Common examples of GBBs are the 1911 45cal., Baretta M9 series, Glock 17,18, and 19 series, and Desert Eagle. Some GBBs also include small sub-machine-guns such as the MAC-10 or UZI. Commonly used as a back-up weapon in skirmishes when one runs out of AEG ammo or in close proximity situations.

Springer - term used to identify a 1:1 replica of generally a pistol / handgun or sometimes rifles of varying styles that propel the BB by a spring. Handguns are found commonly in springer styles, but so are sniper type rifles and inexpensive replicas of M16s and other SMGs. Used preferrably in winter when GBBs do not operate well because of gas leakage caused by the shrinkage from the cold on the rubber sealer of the gan rentention area.

Hop-Up - term used to enhance the trajectory of the BB. Usually a rubber grommet that is depressed in some fashion to create back spin to improve the flight path and in turn the accuracy at distances.This takes the place of the grooves called "rifling" of the barrel of real guns. Because of the BBs shape, "rifling" does not effect the trajectory and therefore back spin is used instead.