Operation: Fire Base Juliet

Proudly presented by Echo Squadron

Operation: Fire Base Juliet is a Military Simulation (MILSIM) Vietnam-based airsoft event. This event will be held at Apocalypse Paintball Field near Madison, WI on Sunday, August 26th.

ALL event proceeds, less field and event costs, will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project..."The greatest casualty is being forgotten".

The event raised $1000 for a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project!!!! Thank you to all those who attended and our sponsors!

A BIG THANK YOU to Apocalypse for allowing us to hold this event at their fantastic field!

A variety of challenging time based objectives will be given to each side, points pre-assigned and added up to determine the event winner. Each objective will be counter balanced with an enemy objective that will prove to create numerous fire-fights / exciting encounters.

We are currently speaking with a variety of airsoft related stores / suppliers to enable our having a event end raffle. Prizes will be awarded for the best US / ARVN and NVA / VC outfits by player vote - two KWA ATPs GBBs (one to each side) will be awarded.

Updates to Come...keep watching


SPONSORED BY Toy Box, Madison

SPONSORED BY Tactical Toy Srore, Waukesha - graphic coming soon

SUPPORTED BY Airsoft Extreme