Operation: Fire Base Juliet

Proudly presented by Echo Squadron and Storm 6


OP FB Juliet - Registration

September 22nd, 2013. (Please note: NEW DATE)

The first phase of registration will be group registrations (players that want to play on the same squad. Remember, there will be 10 players per squad.) OPENS AUGUST 1ST, ENDS AUGUST 31st

This will be followed by individual registrations. If you have a team that you would like to be assigned please note it in your submission. (Do NOT send individual registrations until that phase begins) OPENS AUGUST 15TH, ENDS AUGUST 31ST

Early registrations - $30 via Paypal

"In order to best prepare and organize for the event we are NOT planning for "walk-ons". So, pre-registration will be required! Should there be open spots on either team, we will update the website closer to the event and allow walk-ons. Walk-on fees will be $40."

During the registration period we will balance the sides and may have to temporarily halt registration for one side or another depending on the balance. Please be flexible with which side you will play...both sides will have fun. We will plan that no walk-ons will be allowed UNLESS the maximum count is not met as of the day of the event. Only to satisfy the maximum count will we allow someone to register as a walkon. If you walk on, BE PREPARED with BOTH uniforms, as an effort to balance the count for each side and we will tell you which side you will be able to play as! Additional donations are gratefully accepted

Of course, posting of your interest / attendance plans within the WAA forums under the thread is greatly appreciated.

Registration will be by email to: opfbjuliet@gmail.com
Subject - OP FB Juliet registration
Full Name
Date of Birth
Phone number
Email contact address
Paypal source email if different
Team Name - if team / group registration
Call sign
Preferred team - US / ARVN or NVA / VC

You will receive a confirmation email of your registration and directions to make payment via Paypal. PAYMENT IS TO BE MADE UPON RECEIPT OF EMAIL CONFIRMATION.
Your attendance is not confirmed until payment is received.
Your registration will be updated on this page after receipt of registration and payment.

Registrations -


V. Wayne Hackler - Bubba - US / ARVN Commander - paid
Josh Brunner - Reaper - paid
Rich Schoville - Six - paid
Mike Halley - Big Mike - awaiting payment
Zachary T. Schneekloth - NA - awaiting payment

Vernon Goss - R-12D - sponsor

Jay ? - Skragnon - awaiting payment