Operation: Fire Base Juliet

Proudly presented by Echo Squadron and Storm 6


OP FB Juliet - Objectives and Features

Echo Squadron and Storm 6 have worked very hard to design time-based and challenging objectives. The Team Leaders will be given sealed envelopes at the beginning of each phase with an hour printed on it. The Leaders are to ONLY open the envelopes at the appointed hour (unless otherwise told by a field OC). Each envelope will contain information to accomplish the assigned objective. Each objective may be unique to the side achieving it or it may also be designated for both sides. Objectives will be balanced for each side andd assigned points. Locating and acquiring Intel from the field or captured or killed players will also provide points towards tthe final outcome.

Various props are being created for this event as well. Please be careful with them and try not to break them as it would be nice if they can make a reappearance at next years event.

As noted in the Rules page, players will be given two zip lock baggies for them to fill with desired BBs, returned to the OC staff during chrono and will receive in game as missions are carried out that allow for re-supply of ammo. Please READ the Rules page in it's entirety regarding Intel and re-supply.

"Potential" Objectives may include -

Search and destroy enemy mortar positions
Placing timer charges and hold position until timer goes off
Dissasemble enemy guidance system
Disrupt enemy re-supply
Mortar and Douglas A-1 Skyraider fire missions - grided maps to be provided for calling in coordinates
Perimeter patrols
Eradication of enemy from surrounding village/s
Downed aircraft / pilot and crew

US and ARVN troops will be required to operate under Military Rules of Engagement (ROE).

This will apply to civilian and potential enemy encounters as well as prisoners. We have researched the ROE from the era as well as Enemy-in-Your-Hands documents. The following links will take you to either the actual document or renditions thereof. Please take the time to review these documents before the event -

Congressional record of ROE Vietnam

Enemy in Your Hands